About la Gringa

Hola! Growing up in suburban Connecticut, learning Spanish and connecting with the Hispanic culture wasn’t really on my radar. I nearly failed a high school Spanish class and remember distinctly thinking “I’m never going to use this.” Fast forward to the summer before my senior year and the Lord had me serving at an orphanage in the middle of the Mexican desert thinking “I need to learn this.” Amazing what relationships can spur within you. 1934114_510306515175_2019_nI met my husband on that trip back in high school. He doesn’t remember meeting me. “Too many gringas…and you were all wearing the same t-shirts.” #classicmissiontrip But I remember him – totally amor a primera vista. From the orphanage in the desert, we dove into long distance dating, then marriage, then a (stressful, tears-filled, grace-filled) journey through immigration, and now parenthood and fostering a bicultural, Spanglish family. In the words of one of my favorites, life’s been brutiful. Please join me on this journey. Let’s figure out what it means to be in cross-cultural relationships that honor one another and make this life more beautiful. If you’re a bicultural mama and would be interested in sharing your thoughts on life, please don’t hesitate to contact me!   Sarah works as the Director of Admissions at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and volunteers as Director of Communications & Marketing for Open Door Immigration Services.


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