5 Sites for FREE Non-profit, Non-cheesy Creative Content


Between working for a non-profit over the last ten years, helping to start a ministry, and working with churches on a shoestring (ie non-existent) budget, I have become somewhat of a super sleuth. Whether it’s hunting for free stock images that don’t look cheesy, brochure templates or what have you – Google, Pinterest and I have become bosom buddies.

So to all my fellow non-profit marketing/communications hermanos out there – this one’s for you. Here are my top “go-to’s” for creative content…

  1. Creative Market – they literally send you the gift of free goods every week! Fonts, website templates, backgrounds and more – this is a MUST for anyone & everyone. The quality of work is outstanding and I download freebies even if I don’t have an immediate need for them.
  2. Lightstock – they send out a weekly photo, vector and monthly video. They also have really affordable, really quality images available. As a faith-based organization, we love their work!
  3. Creation Swap – this site has a great database of cheap and free stock images, PSD files, and tons of resources for churches. It’s basically a pastor’s dream 🙂
  4. Although the subjects aren’t all relatable to my creative content needs, I found a few really great photos from the resources listed in this blog entry.
  5. Dafont – being a font snob has it’s challenges. Dafont.com gives me hope for the world by blessing us with beautiful typeface. Be sure to do your own due diligence with copyrights!

Bonus gift! My favorite search on Pinterest is “font pairing”. Merry Christmas 🙂

Have you found any other free/affordable resources that you rely on for your organization?