The Worst Engagement Story Ever

The Worst Engagement Story Ever

We’ve been told that we have the “worst engagement story” ever.  It’ s so true.

But it’s also the best, because it’s ours.

Karlos was living in Mexico while we were dating. I was in California – transplanted from New England after college on a whim to stretch my wings and be just a tiny bit closer to mi amor.

Because of the distance, anytime we wanted to see one another, a 24 hour bus trip or flight was required. So, for our one year dating anniversary, we planned on meeting in a US-Mexico border city to celebrate and see one another after a six month stint of separation.

On the night of our anniversary, we headed to the fanciest restaurant we could find – L’Applebees. I know – jealousy ensues when I mention both sports bar and fine burgers.

We shimmied into our booth and our unsuspecting waiter grabbed our drink orders. We chit chatted and then the conversation took a pretty serious turn. Karlos started asking some tough (albeit, necessary) questions…

“Do we know each other well enough to get married?”

“Do we have enough money?”

“What if I’m not granted a visa to move to the US?”

You know – all the important questions every couple gets to talk about over the course of months. Here we were processing them within an hour in Applebees. My heart started beating a mile a minute.

What’s he getting at?? I flew all this way…and invested all this time…and fell madly in love with you…just for you to break up with me over some endless fries?!

Then it got worse: “I need to tell you something…but I can’t tell it to you while looking you in the eyes. Can you please close your eyes?”

I close my eyes and clench my fist.

“I don’t want you to be my novia anymore…

…abre tus ojos…”

I open my eyes ready to cry/scream/faint/slap…all the crazy things…

and see him holding a ring box.

“Quiero que seas mi esposa.”

“I want you to be my wife.”

And with that, fear & anger was replaced with joy & celebration. All the big scary questions remained on the table and we continued to process them through our engagement, but the course was set and we journeyed towards the altar together.


What’s your engagement story? Did you or your spouse almost get slapped?





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